​​Since 1990, Kevin B. Brown has consistently achieved record-breaking sales.  Also of note, for the last 10 years over 50 percent of his business has come from referrals generated through previous clients. Both buyers and sellers return for repeat transactions because of the strong relationships he forms, and they in turn refer their friends and colleagues.

How did Kevin accomplish this and how does this benefit you?  He attributes his success to two main reasons. 

1)  Kevin is especially proud to be part of the oldest company on the New York Stock Exchange, Sotheby’s Auction House.  Sotheby’s is a rare brand – one that instantly evokes a sense of unrivaled quality, unsurpassed service, and a deep understanding of the current and future value of one’s possessions.  This positioning allows Kevin to transact with individuals who share our brand vision and our commitment to excellence.  As Sotheby’s International Realty is in 72 countries and territories worldwide, our local and international marketing is unparalleled.  No firm has the marking power or reach that Sotheby’s International Realty enjoys!

2)  Being a sought after real estate advisor, Kevin is often quoted in international papers and appears in media broadcasts on a regular basis.  His time tested approach in servicing both buyers and sellers has enabled him to achieve sales of over two billion dollars. 

Kevin is often asked how his background studying for the priesthood and having graduate degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and Theology (MA) has helped him with his success.  The answer for Kevin is quite simple - he has a passion to be of service in any way he can and is uniquely positioned to do so!

As both a husband and a father, Kevin appreciates that real estate is more than just sheetrock and bricks.  It is a home - a place where one has a continual sense of homecoming, an expression of one’s lifestyle, a place where memories are created.

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​​自1990年以来,Kevin B. Brown不断刷新销售记录。值得注意的是,在过去10年中,他的过半业务来自以前客户的推荐。买家和卖家都因为Kevin建立的牢固关系而成为回头客;他们还将Kevin介绍给朋友和同事。


1)Kevin为加入在纽约证券交易所上市的最古老公司苏富比拍卖行(Sotheby’s Auction House)而感到特别自豪。苏富比(Sotheby's)是一个难得的品牌——它立即让人想到无可匹敌的品质、无与伦比的服务以及对个人财产当前和未来价值的深刻理解。由于这种定位,Kevin可以跟认同我们品牌愿景和我们追求卓越的个人交易。由于苏富比国际地产(Sotheby’s International Realty)的业务遍及全球72个国家和地区,因此我们的本地和国际营销是举世无双的。没有公司的营销能力或范围可跟苏富比国际地产相比!




Kevin B. Brown

Senior Global Real Estate Advisor


Associate Broker

Mobile: (917) 886-8850
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