Kevin B Brown
Senior Global Real Estate Advisor

Associate Broker
Mobile: (917) 886-8850
Office: (212) 606-7748
Fax: (212) 909-8194

Kevin Brown, Senior Global Real Estate Advisor and Associate Broker for Sotheby's International Realty, is recognized as one of Manhattan's most respected real estate professionals. A former owner and chairman of Century 21 NY Metro and, prior to that, a partner of Ashforth Warburg Real Estate, now Warburg Realty, Kevin is one of the city's premier luxury townhouse, co-op and condominium brokers. With over 30 years of sales experience, Kevin has successfully represented heads of state, CEOs of major companies, as well as countless referrals from friends and colleagues.

Being sought after advisors, Kevin and his partner, Nikki Field (, are often quoted in international papers and appear regularly in news broadcasts. Recent examples include,, and

Kevin began his professional career studying for a life in the priesthood with the Maryknoll Fathers. Kevin's interest in the work of the Maryknoll missionaries has only grown stronger over time. Maryknoll missionaries (, since 1911, have consistently tried to help people overseas build communities of faith. Today, some work in war zones with refugees, and others minister to the sick, the elderly, orphans or people with AIDS.

Another organization that Kevin is very proud to support is Action Against Hunger ( Recognized worldwide as a leader in the fight against hunger, Action Against Hunger delivers programs in over 40 countries, specializing in emergency situations of war, conflict and natural disasters and longer-term assistance to people in distress. Their ultimate goal is to help vulnerable populations regain their self-sufficiency for long-term sustainability.

With a master's degree in theology from Fordham University as well as an MBA in finance from Baruch College, Kevin combines his passion for real estate with his lifelong commitment to numerous charitable organizations. To that end, a portion of the commissions he receives is frequently directed back to his client's favorite charity.

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凯文信奉美国天主教传教会开始了他为期一生的神职生涯,随着时间对这份信念更加热爱。 1911 开始,美国天主教传教会(一直持续跨国帮助人们建立信仰,像是在战争地区难民和其他神职人员、 病人、 老人、 孤儿或爱滋病患者。

另一个凯文很支持的组织是反饥饿行动 ( 。全球超过40个国家都有反饥饿行动,特别是在战争,冲突,自然灾害区域和长期需要援助的贫困危难。他们的最终目标是帮助弱势族群重拾自给自足的能力,远离饥饿。