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ON THE RISE: Condo Comeback - A New Development Cycle Begins in Gateway Cities. (pg. 49-50)

Presales are not just for locals - they're increasingly global.  Kevin Brown made headlines when he confirmed one of his presales in ONE57 tower was to a Chinese family who bought a $6.5 million condominium for their 2 year-old daughter. - The Collection

International and National Press

Kevin B. Brown

中国女子纽约买650万美元豪宅 为2岁女儿上大学准备

最新数据显示,自去年以来,美国各地楼市开始回暖,众多购房者中甚至出现了不少中国买家的身影,近日我们的记者特意深入纽约的房地产市场,通过一位行业内人士,为您讲述美国楼市的中国故事。-Xinhua(click to read more)


中国资本对美国房地产的投资在不断增加。预计2014年的写字楼和酒店等商业地产投资额将创出历史新高。随着经济好转,加上较低的利率,美国房地产价格持续坚挺,而中国经济则有变脸的苗头,由此出现了希望分散投资的动向。大宗投资者能获得永久居住权,这一制度也很有吸引力,中国资本支撑美国房地产的局面估计将会持续。-Nikkei(click to read more)

Follow the Money: Chinese Real Estate Purchases Surge in the United States
In New York, Nikki Field and Kevin Brown, top-producing agents at Sotheby’s International Realty, noted that “the only properties that buyers from China will consider are new developments.” This phenomenon has also carried over into sectors like automotive and timepieces.-Jing Daily
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Chinese family buys £4 million New York flat for two-year-old
Kevin Brown, a senior vice president at Sotheby's International who specialises in selling New York's most prestigious property, said the unnamed woman had snapped up the flat in preparation for when her child eventually becomes a student. -Telegraph
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​​Hitting New heights: Midtown’s Most Coveted Towers of Power
This trend reached its apotheosis with the news in 2013 that a Chinese buyer had purchased a $6.5 million apartment in One57 for her 2-year-old daughter. As Sotheby’s International senior vice president Kevin Brown told Chinese state television, the toddler needed a place in the city, as she planned to one day attend college at either Columbia, NYU or Harvard. -The New York Post
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The Lure of the Gold Coast
After someone has worked hard their entire life, and after they bought the beautiful home in China, where do they go? Usually Hong Kong, then London and New York City,” said Kevin B. Brown, a senior global real estate adviser and an associate broker for Sotheby’s International Realty in Manhattan. “Now they are thinking, where else?- The New York Times
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Join The Great Gatsby: Chinese Real Estate Buyers Fan Out To Long Island's North Shore

Manhattan has grown quickly as a hot target for real estate investments in the past two years. Sotheby’s Kevin Brown says he alone has some 150 “serious buyers from China.” Transactions with the Chinese accounted for 50% of all his deals last year. -Forbes(click to read more)

The Safety Deposit Box in the Sky
The real story was a little tamer, at least according to Kevin Brown, senior global adviser for Sotheby’s International, who represented the buyer in that sale. He has nothing but praise for his client. “She’s very typical of the best of the Chinese customers who are coming our way these days. They are extraordinarily knowledgeable. They do their homework. They are prepared to get on a plane and fly over for 24 hours. It was only a little sidebar that she happened to have a child,” he says. -Vocativ
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